Saturday, January 9, 2010

advantages of Mac OS

Once upon a time Apple Computer issued a document called the "50 Mac Advantages," which later became the "75 Mac Advantages," a document which purported to list 75 different advantages the Mac OS had over its chief competitor, Microsoft Windows 95. The Advantages document was created as a promotional item to be handed out to Evangelistas. Origin of the 75 Mac Advantages describes the history of the development of the 75 advantages in more detail.

Despite some flaws, the original document listed substantive differences between Mac OS 8.1 and Windows 95, which were contemporary products. Among other problems, the original document had a disconcerting way of shifting between versions of Windows

to put the Mac OS in its best light. Overall, however, it was a very popular document with Mac advocates, and this series was based on an archival copy located at Alex Paterson's web site and used as source material.

In this series of articles, I have attempted to update the 75 Advantages to reflect the current state of the Mac OS (at 9.1/X) and the Windows operating system (now reflected by its Win2000, Me, and upcoming XP offerings). This being Low End Mac, the emphasis is on Win 98 and OS 9, but information about the other versions is included from time to time.

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